Monday, April 12, 2010

30, Flirty & Thriving...

I know its been some time since I've posted any blogs or more importantly, have talked or seen a lot of you. Some of you know that I have been dealing with a good number of things but that shouldn't be an excuse. I hope there are no bridges burned with any of you. One of my more important resolutions is to reconnect with all of you. You all have been a big inspiration in my life and have been of great support. This hiding out thing is getting old. Let me know break it with a good ol' bash.

As some of you may know there are 2 times out of the year where my family is known for having big shindigs. The big shindigs have died down a bit but have now RETURNED!

Im 30 & mom is 60. Here is the invite.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Jake...

Ive been pretty busy lately so goes the reason for not having an updated blog. Anyways lets get the ball rolling. Last sat cousin ReDD and I decided to make a "Just Jake day" for my aussie cousin Jake who left to go back to Australia last Sunday. So the friday before was "Just Jake day". We started off by going to the USS Midway museum, followed by Islands to eat in Eastlake. Later on that night we took Jake to Mt. Solidad for some nighttime site seeing. On sat we had one last family gathering then kidnaped Jake and stopped by Adro pad for a kick back that was already over when we got there. All n all it was a good weekend with family.

Aussie Jake

ReDD (Rowell)

pilot briefing room

ReDD managed to save his own life...

notice the reflection of Jakes face on the lense

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Bday Tin & Big Mike

This evening I met up with a few homies for happy hour at El Torito at Plaza Bonita Mall close to my pizzad in celebration of Christine "Tin" Cristobal 25th bday. Little did I know big Mike was also celebrating his bday at the same place so a few more homies showed up. After dinner we were trying to decide what to do and ended up kicking in front of borders next to El Torito. I swear we felt like we were in high school again waiting for our parents to pick us up from the mall. damn mall rats.

celebrant 1. "tin" w/ russ

celebrant 2. "big mike"

dj julz aka fatty

dj klever aka klev mr. no one knows my real name . judy

j-a-y are the letters of his name


errol aja dj errolstine...get it r.l. stine?

dj jhetlag (jhet) . dj big willie style (willie)

big willie style . speshul ed

carlo . russ . neil

joe . dale . neil


klev smelling judys pit

joe.ed twins

91977 spring valley crew

dj col sq. aka vince.tin

rochelle making her ass clap. she can really do it.

the girls: norey.cha.tin.judy.ross.rochelle

the guys: jay.errol.neil.joe.ed.dale.julz.klev.carlo


dj bazooka joe aka joe