Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Jake...

Ive been pretty busy lately so goes the reason for not having an updated blog. Anyways lets get the ball rolling. Last sat cousin ReDD and I decided to make a "Just Jake day" for my aussie cousin Jake who left to go back to Australia last Sunday. So the friday before was "Just Jake day". We started off by going to the USS Midway museum, followed by Islands to eat in Eastlake. Later on that night we took Jake to Mt. Solidad for some nighttime site seeing. On sat we had one last family gathering then kidnaped Jake and stopped by Adro pad for a kick back that was already over when we got there. All n all it was a good weekend with family.

Aussie Jake

ReDD (Rowell)

pilot briefing room

ReDD managed to save his own life...

notice the reflection of Jakes face on the lense

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