Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Food for thought with a lil morning news

If you have not noticed corporate America has been trying to grab hold of this health nut band wagon as it rolls through every media stream, publication and household. It has been said that the United States is the most unhealthy country in the world. What do you expect? Looking down most streets you'll find a handful of different fast food chains, 10 Starbucks, a few taco shops, and a 711 here and there. Ofcourse nutritionists, doctors, and the media were quick to blame these chains of stores for the cause of Americas unhealthy style of living. I say screw the man. Its not the food we should blame its the people eating it. Come on, ofcourse any individual will get terribly unhealthy by eating @ McDo daily in portions that are beyond insanity. America should be able to eat what they want and not have to be brain washed to stuff something they find so flavorful.

Speaking of flavorful food. If its delectable eats that you crave along with great ambiance but are unsure of where to find such a place, let Cha and Norey be the ones to guide you. These two ladies have started "tasters delight". As they travel to different cities through out the United States they make it a point to find the best places to eat and critique them. Check it out. It'll be satisfying.

Also for those that didnt catch the channel 6 morning news last fri. from 5-10am there was a celebration goin down for the merge of the CW goin to channel 6 and leaving 5. The celebration was held at the Wave House in Mission Beach. Heres two videos to recap the event. Oh yeah... MINDZ ALIKE doin big thangs.

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