Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I know by starting this blog im gonna become part of societies most annoying gang, the paparatsi. Dont get me wrong I love photography and capturing those moments but blogging will take me to another realm with no turning back.
Last night was the first night of prayer for my grandpa. The mood was a little somber of course but the gathering of family had shed some light on the mood. Yesterday was also the first time I met my cousin from Australia who flew just few in. His name is Jake and out of all the cousins hes the oldest at the age of 30. Yes, it took me 30 years to meet him and hes a 1st cousin. Thats pretty much how the day went besides Steven coming over to my pad earlier in the day to study and keep me company. Not to mention raid my fridge. Its all good. If anyone needs a place to kick it or eat you know my door is always wide open.

madness for Hanz & Harry...thus the reason for a blurry pic.

Ann Charlotte (cha cuz from france). Cha. Austin. Jake (my aussie cuz). ReD

Andrew..the youngest great grand child and newest edition to the fam

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