Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Bday Tin & Big Mike

This evening I met up with a few homies for happy hour at El Torito at Plaza Bonita Mall close to my pizzad in celebration of Christine "Tin" Cristobal 25th bday. Little did I know big Mike was also celebrating his bday at the same place so a few more homies showed up. After dinner we were trying to decide what to do and ended up kicking in front of borders next to El Torito. I swear we felt like we were in high school again waiting for our parents to pick us up from the mall. damn mall rats.

celebrant 1. "tin" w/ russ

celebrant 2. "big mike"

dj julz aka fatty

dj klever aka klev mr. no one knows my real name . judy

j-a-y are the letters of his name


errol aja dj errolstine...get it r.l. stine?

dj jhetlag (jhet) . dj big willie style (willie)

big willie style . speshul ed

carlo . russ . neil

joe . dale . neil


klev smelling judys pit

joe.ed twins

91977 spring valley crew

dj col sq. aka vince.tin

rochelle making her ass clap. she can really do it.

the girls: norey.cha.tin.judy.ross.rochelle

the guys: jay.errol.neil.joe.ed.dale.julz.klev.carlo


dj bazooka joe aka joe

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